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Ascending Alchemy

Ascending Alchemy Spellbook and Journal

Ascending Alchemy Spellbook and Journal

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Unveil the mysteries of the arcane with Ascending Alchemy, the only spellbook that intertwines spellwork with introspective journaling. Unlock potent spells, master elemental forces, and chronicle your mystical journey. Perfect for both novice witches and seasoned sorcerers.

Gain access to 35 spells that help you:

  • Attract Wealth, Prosperity, and Economic Well-Being
  • Attract Love, Romance, and Friendship
  • Trust Your Intuition, Boost Confidence and Be Empowered
  • Bring Forth Peace and Solidarity Around You
  • Heal Your Health and Emotional Wellbeing
  • Attract the Call of the Universe and Connect With Your Intuitiong

Awaken your inner alchemist and discover the power within you. Transform your spirit. Command your destiny with Ascending Alchemy where the magic of pen meets the power of spiritual transformation.

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