About Us

Introducing Ascending Alchemy

Our mission is simple—to make the mystical accessible to everyone, every day. We provide a comprehensive toolkit to facilitate an effortless, brief, daily spiritual practice. Whether you work with spells, rituals, or manifestations, you can easily document the messages the universe sends your way each day. We are excited to introduce this straightforward, daily spiritual practice into your life.

How Ascending Alchemy works

  • Step 1: Set Your Intentions As you navigate your thoughts, focus your mind and set clear, precise intentions before conducting each spell. This ensures the energy you're manifesting aligns with what you seek. Be open, be sincere, and be ready.
  • Step 2: Conduct the Spell Choose a spell from the journal that resonates with your intentions. There are 35 spells to choose from in the spellbook. Carefully follow the instructions for the spell, ensuring that you perform it with positive intentions and a clear visualization of your desired outcome.
  • Step 3: Write Your Intentions Once the spell has been conducted, take the time to write out your intention(s) for each spell in the journal pages provided. Be specific about what you want to manifest and how you envision it unfolding in your life. As you write, maintain a positive mindset and visualize your desires becoming reality.

By consistently performing spells and documenting your intentions and feelings, you will create a powerful connection between your heart, writing, and thoughts. This unified focus will amplify your manifestation abilities, helping you attract what you seek.

The power of setting intentions as a catalyst for change

Setting intentions is an ancient practice that taps into the incredible power of focused thought and determination. When you set an intention, you're essentially giving your subconscious a roadmap to follow, guiding you toward your dreams.

Now, picture this practice combined with Ascending Alchemy. The result? An exhilarating journey toward taking command of your destiny:

  • Self-Discovery: Ascending Alchemy invites you to dive deep into self-exploration, helping you understand your true self, your strengths, and your limitations. Your intentions become authentic and aligned with your deepest desires.
  • In Tune with the Universe: This practice tunes you into the natural rhythms of the universe. When your intentions align with cosmic energy, manifesting your goals becomes more effortless.
  • Mindful Manifestation: Ascending Alchemy promotes mindfulness, keeping your intentions at the forefront of your mind. This mindful approach enhances your ability to bring your desires to life.
  • Empowerment: As you delve into Ascending Alchemy, you'll tap into your inner strength and resilience. You'll realize that you have the power to shape your reality.

We honor those who paved the way

In the grand tapestry of history, there are stories woven by those who dared to be different, explore the unknown, and defy the norms of their time. Our journey begins as a tribute to these spirited individuals—the healers, wise folks, and outsiders. They clung to their beliefs, even in the face of persecution, sparking the flames of resilience, knowledge, and truth that continue to inspire us today. Their legacy lives on as we delve into the mystical and arcane. We weave their stories into our practices, honoring their courage, wisdom, and the light they brought to the darkest moments. Let their legacy inspire you as you harness the magic of intention-setting and Ascending Alchemy to light your path toward a life that's enlightened, abundant, and harmonious.